• Which content helps sales close deals?

    Sharebird tracks all of the content that you create for your sales reps so that you can measure which content gets shared, gets viewed, and influences revenue.

Sharebird Overview


Sales Enablement Features

Content Repository

Give your reps one place to access your up-to-date sales content.

Salesforce Integration

Every time a prospect views content, we’ll send it to Salesforce.

Sales Funnel Metrics

Measure the impact of each piece of content in the sales funnel.

Sales Team Features


Quickly find the right content to send by searching by title or tag.

Instant Notifications

See in real-time which prospects view the content you send them.


Send branded links to your prospects, so that they know the content came from you.

"Sending content is a very real part of my sales process. It helps educate my prospects. Sharebird allows me to see which prospects view the content I send."
Ryan Withrall Account Executive
"We weren't able to measure how much revenue our content influenced. Now we can measure which content sales uses to help them engage and close prospects."
John Cooper Content Marketing
"I love our sales reps, but was tired of answering where to find content on a daily basis. Sharebird makes it easy for sales to find the content that they need when they need it."
Liz Martel Sales Enablement

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